Patna - Some basic information


Patna is a growing city and expanding fastly. This is not only because of the incoming of peoples from the neighbouring citis and villages but also from the other states. So, in such situation, one always finds it hard to know the different facilities of the city. They have to face many things in the newer area. Man are always anxious about the surroundings in which he lives. Its human tendency to look for the nearest center where his requirement can be fulfilled.

This column is our effort to make the people aware about the basics of the city. Everyone is interested in knowing that where the nearest post-office is located in his area, or to a better extent where are the Electricity offices in his area for monthly submission of bill. There are lot of things which helps in running a smooth public life. Some people becomes curious in knowing the pincode of the area where he wishes to send the mail. So, its good to know about these.

We will be publishing the facilities and other such information which may help the people in certain respect, one by one. Please mail us if you can advise on any aspect.