Funtasia Island - Patna's own water park

Funtasia Island Water Park Patna

Funtasia Island Water Park is the first water amusement park in Patna, situated at Sampatchak-Parsa road on the New Bypass road. It has been developed and being promoted by Takshila Seas & Resorts Private Limited, Mumbai. This Sampatchak water park in Patna got inaugurated in October 2012, though some finishing works are still going on. A large number of people have already visited this unique park of the City.

The water park is first of its kind in the State. It is spread in more than 5 acres of land. The work started in November, 2011 and was expected to complete the entire work by mid of 2013. Initially, beginning with a capacity for 500 people, it will accommodate 1000 by its completion date. It has all the facilities of a modern water park. The prime attraction, when the entire work get completed, will be the 80-feet tall Statue Shower in which water will fall from the top in the form of a shower. The amusement park has water rides, swimming pools, wave pool, locker room, parking lots, children's fun items, restaurants, coffee shops, souvenir's shop, banquet hall, safety equipment and many other things. There are four pools - one for adults, 2 for children of age group 5-8 years and one wave pool. The cartoon shower, water see saw, mushroom shaped shower and sprinkle shower are attracting small children in good number.There will be 11 sliders for all - the tallest being at 10 meter and  shortest being at 7 meter, once completed. The 20-feet high water slider is already a hit among boys as they can be seen skating down screaming their lungs out. Wave pool are a major attraction of the park. There are also facility for rain dance with lights and sounds. The rain dance platform can accommodate 50 people at a time, which is already becoming a sensation among the teenagers. All equipment of sliders has been especially brought from China. The park has lot of greenery as 1600 tress has been planted. A group of 25 CCTV cameras keeps a close watch over the security of the park and people.

It has started attracting a lot of masses from the surrounding areas. People come here to enjoy this wonderful facility which is not far away from city center. The park opens from 11 AM to 6 PM. The entry charge has been fixed at Rs. 300 per person per day from Monday to Friday, and Rs. 400 on Saturday and Sunday and public holidays. Children below 3 feet will get free entry and swimming costumes are available on rent and for sale. The park remains closed on Wednesday. Photography is restricted to certain group only.

Holi 2013 celebration

A day prior to Holi, the Water park witnessed celebration of a different kind. The tomatoes were smashed and hurled at each other by the revelers. The festival was celebrated on the pattern of world famous Spanish festival - La Tomatina which attracts tourists from across the world to witness the unique festival. The charges for the occasion were different. Couples were charged Rs 750 while singles were charged Rs 500. People enjoyed in the pool full of tomatoes. Nearly 2000 kilograms of tomatoes were squashed on the tunes of famous Bollywood songs. People enjoyed a lot with this unique initiative, which is new for the City.

How to reach :

On going from Patna to Fatua on New ByPass Road, one has to take right turn for Patna-Gaya road. From Sampat Chak Bazaar, one has again to take right for 2 km to reach at the Park. There are also alternate routes off from New Bypass road to reach the park also.

Distance :

Patna Junction : 9 km
Airport : 15-16 km
Mithapur Bus stand : 13-14 km

At a glance

  • Timing : 11 AM to 6 PM
  • Wednesday closed
  • Weekday fee (Monday - Friday) : Rs 300
  • Weekend fee ( Saturday and Sunday) : Rs 400

The park was closed for the winter duration. However, it was opened on 31st December 2013 and 1st January 2014 for the new year revelries. Please contact on the water park number 09430222875 for more clearance and information.

Update: The Park is re-opening for summer from Feb 27, 2014. Timing remains the same.

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